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Dear Mr. Wyant, (Natural Golf CEO)

I have been in search of a really outstanding Natural Golf instructor and I think I’ve found him. You probably think all of your instructors are good and they might be for most people but I’m talking about really understanding the golf swing and being able to present it in a easy to understand manner. This is a very rare combination. I have never met a person as committed as Bill is. I came across Bill’s expertise by reading his articles in the Natural Golf magazine and I was most impressed with his writing. I finally had to e-mail him and ask him some questions that I felt needed better answers then what I have been getting. Low and behold he called he called me right back because he felt that the questions I was asking needed a person to person answer that he felt could not be answered using the e-mail. This conversation of course has led to numerous other phone and e-mail communication and finally I decided I had to meet this man personally. It just so happened that I was on my way from my summer home in Wisconsin to my winter home in California and he was on his way from his home in Florida to the Natural Golf summit in Arizona. I thought what a stroke of luck for me to meet this man in such a convenient location since I was driving to CA. anyway. So often the real thing is not as good as you thought it would be, this certainly was the case with MR GAINES. He was everything I hoped for and more. I have never met a golf instructor who was as committed to having a student learn as he is. The man leaves no stone unturned. I just can’t say enough about this man, it wasn’t just his knowledge base, his presentation was the best I’ve ever experienced. For instance his demo on your new irons convinced me that you need these clubs in order to perform to your potential. It wasn’t just because he could hit them far and straight but it was his demo showing me why I truly needed new equipment. I don’t think BILL would even recommended your clubs to me if he didn’t truly believe that I could profit by investing in them. Even though I have access to some good instructors here in the Palm Desert Ca. area I am going to Florida to work with Bill for at least a week in early 2004. I felt you should know what a jewel you have in your organization and if I were you I wouldn’t lose sight of him because of the usual
corporate bureaucracy.

I love Natural Golf and I think your organization has great potential provided you don’t get lost along the way.